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The advertising industry has faced many challenges, more so when it comes to the accuracy of statistics. Other services when counting clicks give distorted statistics, it is difficult to distinguish live users from bots or hired "clickers" who artificially "cheat" advertising statistics to distributors charged an increased fee.

We offer a solution that "сleans" traffic and improves quality. Advertising platform developed its own digital algorithm for placement, on the Blockchain technology, which has no analogues in the market. Using our technology advertisers interact with an active and interested audience.

Blockchain technology eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, which allows advertisers to increase the price per thousand impressions, and companies will be able to directly reward the target audience for viewing advertising. The market is designed in such a way that advertising for a product or project is a mandatory attribute of productive work, so often third-party advertising services unreasonably inflate the price for advertising services.

What is DLX?

Every year, the wheel of progress is spinning even faster, investing has never been easier and all thanks to digital currencies and Blockchain technology. We are active participants of the IT market, in this regard, we issue shares of the company in the digital format of cryptocurrency-Diplex Coin ( DLX)

By purchasing shares of our platform you not only help us get better but also get full access to the services provided by our services. DLX is a digital currency, a kind of "fuel” for the operation of our services, especially the advertising platform All calculations carried out in the Diplex group ecosystem are made using its own cryptocurrency - advertisers use DLX to pay for the services of the service, and users receive DLX for performing various tasks. Good, right?

Get high quality services by using the services Diplex Group.

Earn money by maintaining our BlockChain network. Keep DLX on a dedicated wallet and get rewarded - earned coins can be "minted" (PoS) thus providing an increase in the volume of stored DLX up to 1% per day thanks to a given algorithm!

What is Proof-Of-Stake (PoS)?

This is one of the types of mining (PoS - confirmation of the share), which uses the algorithm of distribution of coins in the network. In the process of mining (in the people - chasing) you get rewards in the form of additional coins. The idea of proof-of-stake is to solve the problem of proof-of-work, associated with large energy costs and financial investments.


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